Jig Concentrator 2LTC-912/4A

Jig Concentrator 2LTC-912/4A
Jig concentrators belongs to gravity separator. This jig concentrator is used to extract the coarse-grained disseminated minerals such as manganese, hematite, limonite, specularite, fluorite ore, barite ore, etc.
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 Description of Jig Concentrator :

jig concentrator is a compact and efficient gravity device which is utilized throughout the world for recovery of a wide range of minerals.It can separated the liberated(free) heavy mineral from light mineral by the means of specific gravity.

different models of jig concentrator from Forui Machienry Factory

The processing material of jig concentrator

The jig concentrator can process a wide range of minerals, such as:

Non-metal mineral: barite ore, fluorite ore,garnet ore,celestite

metal mineral: manganese ore, antomy ore,chromite ore,tin ore,lead ore,scheelite ore, wolframite,iron ore,copper ore

precious mineral:gold,diamond, zircon ore,tantalite ore,columbite ore

processing material of jig concentrator

The description of 2LTC-912/4A jig concentrator

The jig concentrator 2LTC-912/4A is also called large particle size gravity separator which deal with ores with largest size 50mm, and it is a diaphragm jig concentrator which can upgrade the biggest mineral particle size in China. This product has the ability to preselect minerals directly, saving breaking power, and improving the beneficiation efficiency of the coarse-grained disseminated mineral. This large particle size jig concentrator is mainly used for the concentration of big size hematite, limonite, mirror, iron ore, manganese, barite ore, celestite ore, fluorite ore and other minerals.

jig concentrator/912-4A

The jig concentrator for large-grained minerals is one of the jig machine developed by Forui independently. According to customer demand, we developed the jig concentrator to extract the coarse-grained disseminated minerals such as manganese, hematite, limonite, specularite, fluorite ore, barite ore, etc.

 Advantages of the Jig Concentrator 2LTC-912/4A:

♦ Energy-saving, high efficiency and environment-friendly.
♦ Occupy less area and large handling capacity.
♦ Wide range of particle size selection, maximum to 50mm.
♦ Non grade beneficiation of mineral particle size from 30mm to 50mm

shipment of jig concentrator

 Technical Parameters of jig concentrator 2LTC-912/4A:

Model Cross-
( m2)
Stroke Coefficient Stroke
of Stroke
2LTC-912/4 Rectangle 2 4 4.32 0.49 0-50 160-280 10-30 11
2LTC-912/4A Rectangle 2 4 4.32 0.49 0-100 120-160 20-40 11 


 Forui Provides You with Manganese Concentrator with High Quality

Forui provides customers with manganese concentrator which is a profession jig concentrator for manganese ore extraction. The manganese concentrator has been also applied to the beneficiation of  manganese, hematite, limonite, specularite, fluorite ore, barite ore, etc. with its great dressing efficiency. You won’t fail to get the right manganese concentrator in Forui.

jig concentrator for separation of manganese
jig concentrator for manganese beneficiation in Malaysia  

Should the jig concentrator 2LTC-912/4A or any other products be of interest to you, please do not hesitate  to contact us or complete the form below, and we will response to you as soon as possible.

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