Manganese Separation

Manganese Separation
Forui has designed manganese concentrator which can be used as manganese upgrading plant for manganese extraction. Forui jig separator AM30 and jig separator 2LTC912/4(A) are for big blocks of coarse manganese inlay.
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There are many kinds of manganese ores, but ore worthwhile to exploit and beneficiate is mainly pyrolusite following by psilomelane and bog manganese, braunite, hausmannite, and manganite, and these types of manganese are all manganese oxide.

manganese upgrading plantFor manganese ore, intensity magnetic separation, gravity separation, and floatation separation can be applied to concentrate manganese. However, intensity magnetic separation needs a large investment and it can not get high beneficiation efficiency when it comes to lumpy manganese ore; floatation separation needs chemical to work and will pollute environment to a certain degree. Gravity separation needs water as medium and no chemical to work with its large treatment capacity and high recovery rate.

For most of manganese oxide mine, manganese can be in form of blocks or granules, so the first step is to liberate the manganese inlay of blocks or granules from the impurities with the right iron concentrator. In the mixture of manganese and impurities, density of manganese is much bigger than that of impurities, so gravity separation can be a great choice to get the manganese concentrate. And the working flow of manganese upgrading plant can be crushing-vibration screening-jigging separation-dewatering.

Here Forui, as a professional manufacturer of mineral processsing equipment, has designed jigging manganese concentrator which can be used as manganese separation machine. Forui jig concentrator AM30 and jig concentrator 2LTC912/4(A) are for big blocks of coarse manganese inlay while jig concentrator LTA1515/2 and 2LTC6109/8T are for small granules of fine manganese inlay.

Forui has exported manganese jig concentrators to Kuantan, Malaysia and Flores & Kupang, Indonesia for manganese beneficiation. We can do free test for customers with our manganese concentrator if 30kg iron ore samples are available.

Video--Manganese Beneficiation Project in Malaysia

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