Only Forui offers a comprehensive performance guarantee!
You can always order with confidence from Forui knowing we’ll provide what you need–guaranteed. We offer 24-hour hotline/online service, offering you timely suggestion on product problems anytime, and comprehensive solutions through our specialty divisions.

 Controls & Instrumentation
An ore dressing production line is nothing without properly integrated controls and instrumentation. At Fouri, we use top quality materials and maintain a deep repository of engineering knowledge and experience to deliver the most robust, agile and adaptable control systems in the industry. With extensive experience in the ore dressing industry Forui can design and build industrial control systems for a wide range of applications.

 Ore Dressing Engineering Services
Ore dressing requires a deep understanding of ores, electrical, mechanical, and physical engineering, as well as a thorough knowledge of the latest technologies. At Forui, our expert team of engineers is continually developing new technologies while consistently delivering custom solutions built on founded beneficiation practices.

 Installation and Start-Up
Forui offers comprehensive installation and start-up services for your ore processing production line. From civil preparation to final commissioning, Forui will ensure your project is delivered according to spec, on time.

 Lab Testing and On-Site Testing
Forui owns and operates its own state-of-the-art analytical laboratory for ore dressing analysis and identifying the exact make-up of your ore samples. Our team of Ph.D's and chemical engineers determine precise analysis. Further more, Forui sincerely welcome customers to visit our company and provides on-site testing for you with your ore sample(not less than 30kg).

 Maintenance & Rehabilitation
Through the course of beneficiation equipment’s structure, components, daily maintenance and technology improvements become available. Forui’s maintenance and rehabilitation services focus on restoring operation efficiency and extending a machine’s service life without the expense of purchasing all-new equipment.

 Project Management
Forui excels in providing complete solutions in any ore dressing project. From the early stages of ore sample analysis to the final phase of system commissioning, Forui has the experience and expertise to successfully deliver the beneficiation equipment best suited to your project needs.

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