Mercury Ointment Distillation Tank

Mercury Ointment Distillation Tank
The mercury ointment distillation tank is a gold separator which is the most commonly used amalgam distillation Equipment.
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 Description of Mercury Ointment Distillation Tank:

The mercury ointment distillation tank is a gold separator which is the most commonly used amalgam distillation Equipment. The gasification temperature of mercury is much lower than the melting and boiling point of gold. Distillation is most commonly used method for separating mercury and gold from amalgam. The solid mercury ointment in gold separator enrichment plant can be distilled periodically.

 Working Principle:
As a kind of gold separator, the purpose of mercury ointment distillation tank is to separate the gold from the mercury components of the gold amalgam. By applying heat to the amalgam, the mercury is burnt off as a gas, which passes along the pipe to re-condense as a liquid. The gold remains in the distilling chamber of the tank, while the mercury is collected at the discharge end in liquid form.

♦ Small in size, easy to carry and move.
♦ High distillation efficiency, simple operation.
♦ Compact structure with special cooling installations for water which ensures mercury liquefaction completely.
♦ Special emptying device avoids mercury harm to users.

 More about Gold Separator:

There are many ways to increase the concentration of the valuable minerals: the method chosen will depend on the relative physical and surface chemical properties of the mineral and the ore.

Forui gold separator is a gold enrichment plant which includes Amalgamation Barrel and Mercury Ointment Distillation Tank and other gold separator like gravity separator, jig machine, etc. We give customers on-site beneficiation tests of with your gold ore sample. You will find more about our capacity, quality control and production line when you personally visit Forui.


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