Barite Extraction

Barite Extraction
As the most commonly used barite concentration plant, jig machine is easy to operate, and friendly to environment. It is an ideal barite concentration plant for coarse, medium and fine barite particles.
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The composition of barite is BaSO4 and it plays an important part in industries of bob-weight, oil well etc. Most barite ore needs further upgrading for industrial use, and here Forui will share some barite concentration plant with you. The following is a picture of barite concentration test:

Gravity separation is the main concentration method for barite ore separation according to the density difference between barite and impurities with its good separation efficiency and high recovery. As the most commonly used barite concentration plant, jig machine is easy to operate, and friendly to environment. Forui has different jig machine for barite concentration as follow:

1. Coarse barite concentration plant
Coarse barite concentrate can be needed sometimes and here direct separation will be needed to get high grate barite blocks. Forui jig machine AM30 and jig machine 2LTC912/4A are for coarse barite separation. Jig machine AM30 is for granules of 8-30mm while 2LTC912/4A is for size of 30-50mm with the great beneficiation efficiency, high recovery rate, and large treatment capacity. And both jig machine are the most common barite concentration machine in barite concentration market.

2. Medium and fine barite granule concentration plant
There are also some medium and fine barite granularities besides coarse barite blocks in the raw barite ore or barite after crushing and these medium and fine barite can be used in different fields. To maximize the profit from the barite concentration, concentration of medium and fine barite by removing the impurities can be needed.

The jig concentrators for medium and fine barite concentration plant are jig concentrator  2LTC6109/8T and LTA1010/2. Jig concentrator 2LTC6109/8T is kind of trapezoidal jig concentrator with four independent jigging slots, it can concentrate barite of 0-8mm with its long jigging distance with its concentration efficiency, recovery rate better than other jigging concentrators and it is kind of best concentration plant for 0-10 mm. Jig concentrator LTA1010/2  is kind of down-driving cone gravity separator for barite size of 0-5mm. This jig concentrator needs small area to work and its price is low, and it is very suitable for small barite separation factory.


3. Barite ore log washing machine

The content of clay in barite ore decides whether a log washer is needed. For barite ore with small percentage clay, simple screening and washing can be ok while for barite ore with a lot of clay, washing machine will be involved. And the common ore washing machine for barite is rotary screen washing machine and groove ore washing machine.

Forui jig concentration plant has been widely used in barite ore dressing. Forui can supply the whole barite concentration production line of vibrating screen, jig concentrator, dewatering screen, log washer, etc. and free test can be available with samples available.

4. Video--Barite Ore Beneficiation


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