Rough Separation and Further Selection Process of Tantalum Ore

Rough Separation and Further Selection Process of Tantalum Ore

Gongyi Forui Machinery Factory is a professional mineral processing machine manufacturer in Gongyi, China. Our products include jig separator, magnetic separator, flotation machine, gold separator, grinding machine, classifier equipment, etc. Today, Forui will introduce the rough separation and further selection process of tantalum

Rough separation of tantalum ore:
In Huiminandu, the rough flow sheet is jigger-shaking table after single-phase milling. The material under the screen after the washing and screening is put into the jigger for the rough separation and then shaking table is used for the fine selection. The tailings from the jigger and the shaking table shall be classified into size of below and above 0.4mm and the tailings larger than 0.4mm is milled to be below 0.4mm. All ore below 0.4mm enter the second jigging separation and the shaking table will do the further selection of the concentrate from the jigger. The magnetic separators remove the iron and the left non-magnetic material is Fergusonite/Sipylite concentrate which will be sent to the second-further selection factory for further dealing.

Further selection of tantalum ore:
Magnetic-gravity-floatation-gravity combination flow sheet is adopted here. Concentrate from the first phase will be put into the magnetic separator to remove the iron after drying. The non-magnetic material will be put into the three-pan magnetic separator. After the strick controlling of the data according to the magnetism differences, the mine is separated into: ilmonlite-Fergusonite/Sipylite part, Fergusonite/Sipylite-solitude part, solitude-Fergusonite/Sipylite part, and zirconite part,. The first three parts shall be washed by the acid, re-separated by shaking table and the magnetic separators. And the magnetic material out will be dealt be floatation sepaartors with the chemical of oleic acid, sodium phosphate, and sodium silicate. and the monazite will be out while the product in the slot is the Fergusonite/Sipylite concentrate. The zirconite part will be processed by shaking table-magnetic separator-shaking table to get the Fergusonite/Sipylite concentrate and the zircon concentrate.
The final products: Fergusonite/Sipylite: 35.72% with the recovey rate of 87.62%. monazite concentrate--65.32%, zirconite concentrate: 60.48% while the ilmonite is recovered.

With years' efforts, Forui have gained appreciation & praises from customers all over the world. Our products have been successfully exported to many countries and regions, like Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, Russia and the United States, etc. Welcome to visit our factory!

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