Specularite Beneficiation

Specularite Beneficiation
The upgrading process for specularite is gravity separation and the beneficiation equipment for specularite ore is jigger. Free test can be done with our specularite Beneficiation Equipment if samples can be available.
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Specularite is kind of weak magnetic iron ore similar to limonite and hematite, and the beneficiation equipment is basic the same-gravity separator. Here is the specularite beneficiation equipment.

Specularite iron ore presents compact crystals unevenly embedding in the ore with the coarse granules. Simple crushing can liberate the iron granules from the gangue. After screening the specularite ore can be fed into the jigging beneficiation equipment for gravity beneficiation. There is usually no need for milling the specularite iron ore. Crushing, screening, jigging gravity separation can help to get high grade specularite iron concentrate.

The upper in the picture is crude specularite iron ore, and it can be seen that most the specularite iron granules has been liberated from the gangue. The waste stones lower the grade of Fe. Forui has done a jigging test to remove the waste stone, and the tailings and iron concentrate can be seen in the picture. The analysis report shows that the gravity separation can get high quality iron concentrate with good beneficiation efficiency.

In the actual production, there are two reasons to separate coarse specularite iron ore.
♦ There is no need for further fine crushing and milling because most of specularite iron granules has been liberated from gangue.
♦ The specularite is easy to crush and powder from crushing and milling will lead to loss of iron.
So gravity separation flow sheet of crushing-screening-jigging-dewatering can get high qualified iron concentrate for specularite iron ore of 0-50mm.The following three jig concentrators are beneficiation equipments commonly used:


jig-concentrator jigger-concentrator jigger-2LTC-61098T

The upgrading plant jig concentrator AM30 and jig concentrator 2LTC6109/8T are for coarse specularite iron ore with its high beneficiation efficiency and good recovery, and these beneficiation equipments have been widely used in Hannan and Xinjiang, China. 2LTC6109/8T trapezoidal jigging concentrator is mainly to beneficiate fine specularite iron granules of 0-8mm with its large treatment capacity. These 2LTC6109/8T jigger machine have been used widely in specularity iron separation. The following is the specularite iron gravity separation site in Hainan, China:


Forui has rich iron upgrading experience and excellent beneficiation equipments to share with you. Specularite iron beneficiation jig machines have been manufactured in Forui. Free test can be done with our iron beneficiation equipments if samples can be available.

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