Chromite Beneficiation

Chromite Beneficiation
The beneficiation equipment for chromite ore washing can be vibration screen, ore washer, jig machine. However, it is complex when it comes to rock chromite ore beneficiation. Crushing milling, classifying and jigging beneficiation equipment will be involved.
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The beneficiation of placer chromite ore is very easy and it needs only screening and jigging beneficiation equipment to gain ideal beneficiation efficiency, and the beneficiation plant allocation shall be designed according to the mining site and requirements of miners.

There is lots of clay in placer chromite together with some lumpy waste, so vibration screen and ore washing equipment will be needed. The vibration screen is to remove most blocky waste and guarantee the efficient feeding size for ore washing machine while the log washer is to remove the sticky material like clay to avoid phenomenon of coating useful minerals. The washed ore will be fed into the beneficiation equipment jigger and then high grade concentrate of chromite can be available. The following is picture of placer chromite beneficiation test. 

The single separation degree of chromite from waste in placer chromite ore, so there is no need of crushing or milling. Simple screen removes the blocky waste and ore washing equipment removes the sticky material and output from the washing beneficiation equipment can be directly into jig machine to get chromite concentrate. The basic flow sheet is as it is above. Some placer chromite ore of little sticky material and high singly separation degree can be enriched directly by screening and jigging to get qualified chromite concentrate. And this kind of placer chromite mines is easy to beneficiate. And the core beneficiation equipment of chromite ore is jig machine including the model of 2LTC6109/8T, LTA series and JT series as following pictures show:

jig-mahcine-LTC jig-machine-LTA jig-machine-JT

However, it will be much more complex when it comes to rock chromite ore beneficiation, even though the beneficiation process for both are the gravity separation. Crushing milling, classifying and jigging will be involved. It is very important to allocate beneficiation equipment for beneficiation flow sheet according to natures of ore and specific situation for chromite separation. And here in Forui free test can be done with our beneficiation equipment if samples available.

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