Diamond Separation From Placer

Diamond Separation From Placer
For diamond separation, it needs the separation equipment such as screening, rough separation, fine separation, integrated gravity separation, ointment preparation, artificial hand picking and so on.
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Diamond is a natural mineral, the original stone of precious diamond. As a kind of ore, diamond exists in ore or placer, need separation method to separate it from placer or ore. So how to separate the diamonds from the sands?

Accurately, the selected diamond is only the original stones, after grinding and cutting that can be sold as valuble diamonds. And this kind of valuable minerals content in the mineral is very low, it must adopt the separation method. For diamond separation, it commonly need screening, rough separation, fine separation, integrated gravity separation, ointment preparation, artificial hand picking and so on. Many kinds of separation methods and proper separation equipment can be chosen for diamond separation, here Forui makes a brief introduction to the diamond separation from the placer.

The content of diamond in the placer is very low. So screening is needed to screen out big stones in the sands. After screening, mineral is divided into different grades for gravity separation, then the coarse concentrates can be selected by oil separation or hand selection according to actual situation.

Screening process usually carried out by drum screen, which not only have the function of the screening, but also play a role of ore washing. For diamond placer with high clay content, drum screen is a good choice. Of course, there are situations using the linear vibrating screen as it has high screening efficiency, good screening effect is good and stable oparation, which is suitable for large-scale processing.

After screening the materials are processed by different diamond jigging separators according to the different sizes for gravity separation. The operation of jig separator is depend on the specific weight difference between the useful minerals and waste rocks in mineral processing. Diamond weight is around 3.5, while placer specific weight is generally not more than 2.6, so by gravity separation can get good effect, which can abandon large amout waste rock and sand for preparation fo fine separation.

As a rough diamond separation method, gravity separation can not get pure diamond, it contains many impurities. So it need further separation. There are many kinds of fine separation methods, the commonly used mathods can be ointment oil separation and artificial hand picking. So users need to confirm the selection method based on the specific properties of the diamond.

The image below shows the jigging diamond separation equipment site powered by Forui Machinery.


Gongyi Forui Machinery Factory is a professional ore processing equipment manufacturers and we has rich experience in diamond dressing and also we provide the best diamond separation machine. Moreover, free ore dressing test can be carried out for customers, according to the test result, we suggest and design suitable separation equipment for our customers.

Notice: Forui does not set any branch plants at home or abroad. Should the diamand separation equipment be of interest to you, please contact us by email or complete the form below and we will reflex to you as soon as possible.

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