Gravity Separation Plant

Gravity Separation Plant
Gravity separation works on basic of density difference between useful minerals and other gangues in moving water-flows. The gravity separation machine mainly refers to jigging plant, such as jig machine AM30, jig machine LTA, LTP.
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 Application of Gravity Separation Machine:

Gravity separation machine is widely used in beneficiation of iron, manganese, tungsten, galena lead, titanium, niobium, tin, gold, antimony, chrome, diamond, barite, fluorite etc. and smelting alloy recovery from smelting slag.  This is a general flow sheet of gravity beneficiation and further details will be needed for an exact flow sheet.


 Introduction of Gravity Separation Plant:

Gravity separation machine works on basic of density difference between useful minerals and other gangues in moving water-flows. Material with bigger density will go down to be discharged from the down discharging port while material of smaller density will flow together with the water-flows and be discharged from the up discharging port. Before the gravity separation, much preparation will be needed to liberate the useful mineral from the gangue. Screening or classification can be involved to separate the material into different granule ranges. The suitable gravity separator will be used to upgrade minerals of the relevant size range to gain high grade mineral concentrate. Gravity separation has been widely used in beneficiation of kinds of metals and non-metals mines with its low operation cost, large treatment capacity, high recovery, and environment-friendly.

Gravity separation covers dense-medium separation, jigging separation, shaking table separation, chute separation, centrifugal separation. During these separations, dense medium is complex to operate, jigging separation is most widely used, shaking table separation has a small handling capacity, chute separation needs fine feeding size, while centrifugal separation is usually for fine selection, especially for concentrate from jiggers.

 Jigging concentration:

Jig machines need water to work, and it loosens materials in vertical alternative water-flows, and it forms different layers of materials of different densities and discharges both layers from up and down discharging ports separately. The basic composition of jigger is jigging chambers, also called jigging boxes, and there are screens in each chamber. Water and raw ore will be fed from one end of the jigger screen, the ore granules will move in the vertical alternative water-flows. Layers will be formed because of density difference of materials. The minerals with small density will be in the up layer and will flow together with the up pulp flow while material with bigger density will be in the down layer and will discharged from the down discharging port as jigging concentrate.

The parameters of the separation machine-jigging machines are mainly stroke, stroke frequency, under-screen water supply, feeding capacity, feeding concentration, and medium thickness & granule size. The jigging capacity per square meter is big and the jigger is easy to operate and maintain. Separation jigging machine is usually working as rough separation equipment, and usually centrifugal separator or shaking table can be involved as fine selection machine to further improve the jigging concentrate.

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